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Hello Friend;


You’ve imagined with me my life vision, hope and dream know as the NCHF. You’ve believed with me that good things can come out of tragedy. Now, help me Inspire people.

Merriam Webster defines Inspire as an action:

: To make (someone) want to do something

: To give (someone) an idea about what to do or create

: To cause (something) to happen or be created

: To cause someone to have (a feeling or emotion)

If you’ve ever experienced a tragedy, you know that you often need to “adapt and overcome.” You need to make changes along the way that help you move forward. Often times, there is no going back. The only road is the one ahead. It helps to have people around you that Inspire you to keep the momentum going. Here’s where I need you all!

Help me to inspire good in others. Help me create a better community one person at a time. If you’ve ever helped another (without an expectation of anything in return) you know it is the best feeling in the world. Emotions run rampant. It’s contagious and it’s addictive!

You can help by getting involved in the community. See what you can do to help another. Sometimes, it’s as simple as lending an ear, a kind gesture or a simple smile. For the NCHF, it’s being there when a tragedy hits. Since 2010, we’ve awarded over $90,000.00 to victims of tragedy. I, along with the Board of Directors & Members continually hold fundraising events so that we can help if the time comes.

Wayne Stock VII’s theme is INSPIRE. Our annual fundraiser is August 2, 2014 at our birthplace, Ski Bowl Park. Again this year we are raffling a Harley Davidson. All funds raised go to helping victims of tragedy. Come out and support our mission. Inspire others to do the same. All donations are tax deductible.

Visit our web to learn more, see other fundraising events, or to donate. Inspire your friends to as well!


Thank you in advance. Wayno out


5th Annual Halloween Bash @ J&J's Foxx Lair, Bakers Mills, Oct 26th 8:00pm - ? (click for more info)

8th Annual Almas Ride for Charity @ McDermott's Harley Davidson, Fort Ann NY July 21st (click for more info)

Wayne Stock VI @ Ski Bowl Park, North Creek, August 3rd 12:00 - 11:00pm (click for more info)

2nd Annual Spring Runoff Party @ Copperfield Inn, North Creek, May 3rd 8:00 - 11:30

Band Jam for a Cause @ Sandy's Clam Bar in Glens Falls, April 28th 3:00 to 8:00

2nd Annual Cabin Fever Party - Jan 26th 2013

Hallowen Bash - Oct 27th 2012

Waynestock V- Aug 4th 2012

1st Annual Sring Runoff Party - May 5th 2011










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